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Tulsa Residential Roofing

We install new GAF-certified roofing systems, maintain existing roofs, repair damaged roofing, and perform thorough roofing inspection for homeowners, buyers, and sellers throughout the Tulsa area.

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No Matter The Material, We’ve Got You Covered

Asphalt Shingle

Clay Tile

Wood Shake


Stone-coated Steel

Slate Tile

& Many More

The RoofHawk Process

We learn your needs.

Everything starts with a simple chat about your Tulsa home or business’s roofing needs.

We discuss the best options for your project.

We lay out which materials and roofing systems are the best fit for your needs and your budget.

We calculate your estimate.

Using satellite technology, we quickly take digital measurements of your roof and prepare an estimate.

Our roofing team gets to work.

Our fully-insured and GAF-certified team gets to work on your roof’s maintenance, repair, or installation.

How is RoofHawk’s Residential Roof Repair Different?

Decking Inspection, Protection, and Repair

We perform full roofing deck inspection & felt removal, ensure all loose decking boards are nailed down, apply roof deck protection, and if necessary, replace up to 3 sheets of decking for free.

Quality Shingle Installation & Wind Protection

We use 50% more nails than the industry standard to provide your home with more protection from Oklahoma’s high winds, increasing your roof’s wind rating from 90 MPH to 130 MPH.

Pre-job and Post-job Walkthroughs

We provide full walkthroughs before and after your commercial roofing project, allowing you to see every step of the project from start to finish and providing pictures and full reports for your records.

Greater Durability

We use only GAF products, including their starter strip shingles, leak barriers, and ridge shingles, providing multi-layer protection throughout your roof’s high-stress areas.

Ask Questions. Get Answers.
Don't Get Nailed.

Does your roof leave you feeling overwhelmed? We've got you covered. Our team is always ready to answer questions and get you the help you need.