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Tulsa Residential Roof Inspections

We perform thorough inspections of residential roofs & surrounding structures near roofing for homeowners, home buyers, home sellers throughout Tulsa, OK.

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Why are Residential Roofing Inspections Important?

When buying, selling, or maintaining a home, it’s vital to know the exact condition of the roof. With this knowledge, you’re able to address roofing problems before they become more costly and ensure your roof is up to code.

  • Ensure your roof is up to code and ready to sell on the market

  • Guarantee the roof on your new home will protect you & your family

  • Prevent leaks, mold & mildew growth, and other health hazards

70% of all litigation in construction is regarding the roofing system.

Our Roofing Inspections are Fully Comprehensive

Material Inspection

We check your roof for cracked, loose, missing, or curling shingles and check for rust, algae, mold, and moss. We examine if your flashing and fasteners are properly installed, ensure the rubber seals & boots around vents are in order, and look for any signs of deterioration or gaps developing in the materials.

Structural Inspection

We check chimneys and their caps for any cracks or structural damage, check for any signs of sagging, bowing, or gaps in the roofing system, and ensure your gutter system, fascia, and soffit is in good condition.

Ventilation Inspection

We ensure your attic has proper ventilation and ensure your attic is allowing enough airflow to prevent moisture & heat buildup, mold & mildew growth, and prevent ice dams from forming.

Workmanship Inspection

We check for faults in your roof’s workmanship to determine if your home is vulnerable to storms and higher winds, leaks, potential mold or mildew growth, and check all surrounding roofing structures for improper sealing or flashing installation.

Interior Inspection

We walk through your home, checking your attic, interior ceilings, and walls for mold, mildew, rot, mold, or water damage that have accumulated due to roof leaks.

Full Post-Inspection Report

We provide you with a comprehensive report that allows you to see every issue we detected in your roofing system, complete with pictures and recommended next steps to keep your home or investment property safe.

No Matter The Material, We’ve Got You Covered

Asphalt Shingle

Clay Tile

Wood Shake


Stone-coated Steel

Slate Tile

& Many More

The RoofHawk Process

We learn your needs.

Everything starts with a quick chat and full analysis of the best roofing system for your needs & budget.

We calculate your estimate.

Using satellite technology, we quickly take digital measurements of your roof and prepare an estimate.

We assist with your insurance claims.

Led by former insurance industry adjusters, our team helps you get the most from your homeowner’s insurance.

Our roofing team gets to work.

Our fully-licensed, insured, and GAF-certified teams get to work on your roof’s maintenance, repair, or installation.

Peace of Mind for Realtors, Investors and Buyers

We work extensively with real estate professionals throughout the greater Tulsa area in helping home buyers, and investors understand the condition of their roofing inside and out and get the most from the lifespan of their roofing system.

  • Understand exactly the issues affecting your roofing system

  • Know that your family & possessions will be safe under your roof

  • Ensure your roofing is up to code and in move-in condition

Actionable Insight for Home Sellers

With our comprehensive inspections, you can know exactly the next steps to take when getting your home and its roofing system in move-in-ready condition for your incoming renters or buyers and prevent costly code violations and potential liability issues.

We Help Your Get the Most from Your Homeowner’s Insurance

RoofHawk is the only roofing company in Tulsa with in-house claims adjusters, empowering us with unique insight that enables us to speak from a position of authority and expertise when working with you to get the most value from your insurance provider.

Ask Questions. Get Answers.
Don't Get Nailed.

Does your roof leave you feeling overwhelmed? We've got you covered. Our team is always ready to answer questions and get you the help you need.

How is RoofHawk’s Residential Roof Inspection Different?

Our Claims Team is Led By Insurance Professionals

Our claims team is headed by former insurance adjusters who know how to get you the most value from your claim.

Pre-Job and Post Job Walkthroughs

We conduct thorough pre-job walkthroughs with you to show you where and how your roof and property were damaged and how we performed the repairs.

On-site Project Supervisors

Every roofing team is supervised by an on-site supervisor that ensures the highest quality of workmanship, safety, and satisfaction.

GAF-Certified Workmanship Quality

We employ the highest standards of workmanship, use the highest quality materials, and ensure your satisfaction every time.

We’re One of Tulsa’s only GAF-certified Roofing Companies

Only 6% of roofers in the United States are GAF certified. Learn how our GAF certification provides you added savings, security, and peace of mind.

What Makes RoofHawk a Better Choice Than Other Tulsa Roofers?

There are hundreds of Tulsa roofers, but our dedication to providing customers with the greatest experience, value, and peace of mind puts us ahead of the rest.