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We’re making Tulsa
Roofing better.

Since 2010, our customer service and expertise continues to transform how Tulsa residential & commercial roofing, roofing repair, and roofing inspections are done.

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We’re One of Tulsa’s only GAF-certified Roofing Companies

Only 6% of roofers in the United States are GAF certified. Learn how our GAF certification provides you added savings, security, and peace of mind.

Don’t Get Nailed!

Learn how to hire a roofing contractor that puts your needs first and finds the best roofing solution for you.

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Don't Get Nailed: A Consumer's Guide

What Our Tulsa Customers Are Saying

We are GAF certified

Cynthia K.

“RoofHawk did a great job for me on my house, my barn, and did a total cleanup on my yard — and I am good to go!”

We are GAF certified

Pam K.

“ … When an insurance company recommends a roofer, that’s pretty high praise in my book!”

We are GAF certified

Mavis A.

“...RoofHawk — they are great, honest, and have great integrity…”

What Makes RoofHawk a Better Choice Than Other Tulsa Roofers?

There are hundreds of Tulsa roofers, but our dedication to providing customers with the greatest experience, value, and peace of mind puts us ahead of the rest.

The RoofHawk Process

We learn your needs.

Everything starts with a simple chat about your Tulsa home or business’s roofing needs.

We discuss the best options for your project.

We lay out which materials and roofing systems are the best fit for your needs and your budget.

We calculate your estimate.

Using satellite technology, we quickly take digital measurements of your roof and prepare an estimate.

Our roofing team gets to work.

Our fully-insured and GAF-certified team gets to work on your roof’s maintenance, repair, or installation.

Ask Questions. Get Answers.
Don't Get Nailed.

Does your roof leave you feeling overwhelmed? We've got you covered. Our team is always ready to answer questions and get you the help you need.