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Tulsa Residential Hail & Ice Damage Roof Repair

Our expert roofing teams repair the damage inflicted on your Tulsa home's roof caused by ice, hail, sleet, frozen rain, and other cold weather hazards.

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How does Hail Damage Your Roof and Home?

Hail does more than just dent gutters. These chunks of ice can severely damage anything in their path — including your roofing system — leading to expensive repairs and costly headaches if ignored.

  • Clay, concrete, slate, and wood shake can be instantly shattered.

  • Your shingles’ underlying asphalt can be exposed to UV, heat, and humidity damage.

  • Roofing leaks often form, leading to extremely costly water damage.

Oklahoma is 8th nationwide for hail damage costs, with more than 1 out of every 5 properties incurring hail damage in 2019.

The RoofHawk Process

We learn your needs.

Everything starts with a simple chat about your Tulsa home or business’s roofing needs.

We discuss the best options for your project.

We lay out which materials and roofing systems are the best fit for your needs and your budget.

We calculate your estimate.

Using satellite technology, we quickly take digital measurements of your roof and prepare an estimate.

Our roofing team gets to work.

Our fully-insured and GAF-certified team gets to work on your roof’s maintenance, repair, or installation.

On-site Supervisors on Every Project

One of the many things that sets RoofHawk apart from other Tulsa roofers is our supervised crews. No matter the scope of your project, every job we do is overseen by an expert job site supervisor that ensures every project is completed to our rigorous standards.

  • Punctual, efficient, and safety-oriented crews

  • Perfectly clean project site once the job is done

  • Expert roofing insight right when you need it

Full Walkthroughs Before and After Your Home's Roofing Project

We keep you informed and in the know throughout every stage of your home’s roofing project. Before the work starts, we conduct a thorough inspection that’s complete with pictures and full analysis of the work that’s required. Once the project’s done, we send you a full report complete with pictures for your records and peace of mind.

We Help You Get the Most from Your Homeowner’s Insurance

RoofHawk is the only roofing company in Tulsa with in-house claims adjusters, empowering us with unique insight that enables us to speak from a position of authority and expertise when working with you to get the most value from your insurance provider.

Ask Questions. Get Answers.
Don't Get Nailed.

Does your roof leave you feeling overwhelmed? We've got you covered. Our team is always ready to answer questions and get you the help you need.

No Matter The Material, We’ve Got You Covered

Asphalt Shingle

Clay Tile

Wood Shake


Stone-coated Steel

Slate Tile

& Many More

How is RoofHawk’s Residential Hail Damage Repair Different?

Our Claims Team is Led By Insurance Professionals

Our claims team is headed by former insurance adjusters who know how to get you the most value from your claim.

Pre-Job and Post Job Walkthroughs

We conduct thorough pre-job walkthroughs with you to show you where and how your roof and property were damaged and how we performed the repairs.

On-site Project Supervisors

Every roofing team is supervised by an on-site supervisor that ensures the highest quality of workmanship, safety, and satisfaction.

GAF-Certified Workmanship Quality

We employ the highest standards of workmanship, use the highest quality materials, and ensure your satisfaction every time.

What Makes RoofHawk a Better Choice Than Other Tulsa Roofers?

There are hundreds of Tulsa roofers, but our dedication to providing customers with the greatest experience, value, and peace of mind puts us ahead of the rest.